2020 areas of interest

Creative and technical solutions

More so than ever, the shift towards remote production and leveraging the cloud is clear.

Several years ago, MST took the decision to have a cloud-first approach to our software and service design for both remote and traditional productions.

That's not to say these systems don't work on-site or when offline, but that they are readily available to deploy and scale in the cloud when required.

Versatility is key.

The range and flexibility of our remote production graphic options are what has become key to servicing our customers’ needs.

Remote productions typically have a variety of sources, that contribute over a range of topologies, so we have created flexible workflows to allow graphics and the operation/support to fit in with your setup.

Our centralised and cloud-management systems offer remote support and operational models, benefiting the industry-trend towards remote production.

"MST’s services encompass all areas of TV graphics. We design, develop and innovate, working with clients to help in any or all areas of the process as needed."

Versatile services across all types of live broadcasting events

Remote Production Graphics

Remote production graphics solutions reduce financial and environmental costs for modern broadcast productions.

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Sports Data Systems

Deployed locally or through the cloud, our Sports Data Systems offer real-time data wherever it is required.

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Broadcast Graphics

Design and build using the graphics engine of your choice, in accordance with brand guidelines, or allow the original and creative design team at MST to take the lead.

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Broadcast Services

On-site graphics systems delivered and supported by our engineers and controlled by our operators or your crew.

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Analysis Systems

Augmented reality-analysis graphics: available live and as replays.

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CG Hire

ChyronHego, VizRT and other CG system rentals, available with MST guarantors if needed.

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"We take pride in our process, and with our full service approach, our clients are guaranteed solutions for their live broadcast events."

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