Sports Data Systems

Systems such as Commentary Information Screens (CIS) are often taken for granted, yet they provide vital insight and analysis into the sport and offer it to commentary and productions teams in such a way that data can be absorbed easily. 

At MST, our sports data systems link into the same data-driven backbone that drives our broadcast graphics, ensuring consistent and timely information is always available. This also means these systems can scale across local and cloud infrastructure as needed.

Data-Driven TV Graphics Systems

Such live TV graphics systems by MST are in constant use across Basketball and Golf and our developers continue to add features with feedback from commentary and production users.

Data Integration

Data integration solutions to ensure sports data is correctly displayed on screen

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Data Management

Data management systems allow productions to effectively log and manipulate data for TV graphics

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As an ongoing service delivery, MST provides real-time data driven graphics to Golf events worldwide and Basketball across Europe all year round.

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